Seinfeld star Jerry Stiller dies aged 92, son Ben pays tribute



NEW YORK (Reuters) – American television star Jerry Steeler has died at the age of 92 from sitcoms “Seinfeld” and “King of Queens,” his son Ben Steeler said on Twitter on Monday.

“I can say with great sadness that my father, Jerry Steeler, has moved away from natural causes,” wrote Ben, who appeared with his father in “Zulander” and other movies.

“He was a great father and grandfather and Ann’s most devoted husband for almost 62 years. She will miss him very much. Love Dad, ”he added.

Jerry Stiller was on the 1960s comedy team with wife Anna Meyer. But when he took on his signature acting role in the mid-1990s – Frank Costanza, the father of Ne-du-Wel George Costanza (played by Jason Alexander) “Seinfeld” –

When he received a phone call from Larry David, co-producer of “Seinfield”, about joining the actress, led by comedian Jerry Seinfield, in 1993, Stiller thought he was nearing the end of his entertainment career.

The most-watched show in U.S. TV history aired for the fourth season in a row, but Steeler said he hadn’t seen a minute of it and asked, “Who is Seinfield?”

He was acting in a play at the time and the TV job had to be returned to him. Steeler got another chance at the role a few months later and accepted it.

Stiller was only in 26 of the 172 “Signfield” episodes, but each appearance was memorable, whether he was shouting “Cleanup now!” Trying to use a bra for men in an exciting situation or explaining the strange occasions of Festus, on December 23, he established the holiday as an alternative to Christmas.

Steeler said he was originally asked to portray Frank as a humble, short-spoken character, as opposed to a loud, wrinkled wife. A few days later, Steeler responded and liked one of his wife’s donations with an incomplete tirade of his own and the show’s producers.

“And it was the best year of my life as an actor since that day because I’ve worked with some of the most liberal actors in the world,” Stiller said in an interview with American Television Archive.

“Seinfeld” ended his nine-year run in 1999, and the same year Steeler moved on to another sitcom dad, “King of Queens.” As Arthur Spooner, she plays another Boulevard O’Brien – though not as provocative as Frank Costanza – living through the nine seasons of the show in the basement of her daughter’s (played by Leah Remini) and her husband (Kevin James) homes.

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